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Restaurants & catering tradenames


2018 - Active

Restaurants & catering tradenames

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Thierry Marx La Boulangerie

Quality sandwich-bakery concept signed by chef Thierry Marx.

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Thierry Marx, chief and founder of Thierry Marx La Boulangerie

My skills are limited to choosing products and their producers, and to culinary preparations; for all the rest, growth strategy, marketing methods, customer flow management, I defer to FrenchFood Capital and its partners who have those skills.

Thierry Marx la Boulangerie is a quality sandwich-bakery concept revisiting the great French bakery classics and featuring an innovating snack offer around Breadmaki.



Launched in June 2016, Thierry Marx la Boulangerie is the fusion of cooking and baking to create an innovating small light lunchtime food offer. Its signature product, the Breadmaki, is a roll of toasted sliced homemade bread, filled with a Chef’s signature recipe prepared to order in front of the customer on a Teppanyaki.


FrenchFood Capital has invested alongside Chef Thierry Marx to develop circa twenty points of sale in France.

FrenchFood Capital operational value

FrenchFood Capital contributes its partners’ operational expertise, in terms of finding new development opportunities, network structuring and building brand value.

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