2018 - Active

Food Services


2018 - Active

Food Services

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Online catering service served by a network of artisans.

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Maxime Renault, founder of Monbanquet.fr

Being supported by a fund with genuine expertise in the gastronomy sector is essential for us. FrenchFood Capital is able to bring us sector knowledge while understanding the issues of hypergrowth. FrenchFood Capital is above all a passionate team with a true entrepreneurial approach to try to give us maximum support.

Monbanquet.fr offers a new online event catering experience with production entirely subcontracted to local food sector artisans via an integrated marketplace where they can create bespoke offers adapted to all business events, while keeping control of the entire value chain.



Monbanquet.fr supports corporate hospitality with a catering offer for all occasions and all budgets.


In 2018, FrenchFood Capital invested alongside the VC fund ISAI, to support its ambition to set up in new cities, first in France and then abroad.

FrenchFood Capital operational value

Frenchfood Capital met à disposition de Monbanquet.fr son expérience en termes d’exécution opérationnelle, sa capacité à sourcer les meilleurs artisans de bouche ainsi que son expertise en matière d’expérience client.

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