A unique network of decision-makers to feed themselves

We connect decision-makers in the food industry because strength and ideas for acceleration come from the network.

We nourish them with meetings, sector intelligence, and the sharing of best practices to accelerate entrepreneurial development and food transition.

Nous les nourrissons en rencontres, intelligence sectorielle et partage de bonnes pratiques pour accélérer le développement entrepreneurial et la transition alimentaire.
Over 1,000decision-makers mobilized
12events organized
4editions of the FoodCamp
200leaders gathered for each FoodCamp

Our FoodCamps, a meeting ground


A community of committed and united entrepreneurs

To create a community of entrepreneurs committed to food transition, we provide multiple opportunities for meetings and sharing experiences throughout the year to strengthen the bonds among members of the FrenchFood Network.


Forward-looking publications on the sector

We share inspiring content with entrepreneurs drawn from the collective intelligence of its members on the world of food and entrepreneurial development.

To inspire decision-makers in the food industry, we publish annually:

FrenchFood Barometer – Opinion Way “French People and Food” to measure the evolution of consumption trends.
Nurture: the collective analysis and prospecting work published by the FrenchFood Network and its members.



Join the FrenchFood network

Becoming a member of the FrenchFood Network means joining a group of women and men, entrepreneurs and decision-makers in the food industry, fully committed to food transition and contributing to the promotion of food entrepreneurship in France and internationally.


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