French and food: high standards and awareness on the composition and quality of products (EN)


Opinionway conducted a unique study on behalf of FrenchFood Capital, on the issue of the French’s perception of their food. This study, in partnership with Arkéa, DLA Piper, EY and Netco Group, was presented on October 18 and 19 at the 1st FoodCamp. Consumers trust less and less major food brands while they increasingly look for local products. Nowadays, it is not conceivable to ignore quality, geographical origin, composition and daily nutritional intake of products.

A serious lack of faith in major food industry brands

Conclusion of the research shows that major food brands are quite unpopular… Only 37% of French people still have a high level of confidence in them. How is it explainedThe limited available information on the composition and origin of products, the lack of taste, and the mistrust of production and distribution methods…

A call for information on the products that brands should consider more

This report highlights that 86% of consumers highly regard information on the compositon of food they are buying and still perceive it as incomplete (65%), unclear (62%) and often unreliable (57%).

The respondents pay close attention to the origin of products, taste and especially to prices (for more than 2/3 of them). Good eating, especially high-quality food comes at a high price.

Regarding these results, brands have a transparency challenge to face in order to meet consumers’ expectations.

Small producers are highly considered

For consumers, high-quality food is associated today, to local based production, respecting the environment. The level of consumer trust depends on products and way of production.


82% of French people favor buying food produced locally, and more generally in France, food produced by small producers

They also turn more to short production lines and small companies (farmer’s markets or directly at the producer’s location). As for taste, 94% of consumers claim that these products taste much better.

A call for nature that is fulfilled by organic products.

More than 8 out of 10 French people eat organic food and 35% consider them as healthier and more natural. In their opinion, these products are less exposed to chemical treatments and additives.

In addition to the fact that 19% of organic products are considered healthier, buying organic food stress another concern: a more sustainable farming. To conclude, even if consumers admit that progress has been made, particularly in biodiversity (46%) and tracking (45%), they still expect some improvements: 60% of French people believe that a more sustainable farming, more sanitary controls (45%), and a stricter control of labeled products, would improve product quality.

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