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Les 2 Marmottes

French brand, based in the Alps, producing and selling a large range of tisanes and teas 100% plant based.

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Jean-Marc Stezycki, Founder of Les 2 Marmottes

I chose FrenchFood Capital to assist les 2 Marmottes in our growth targets in France and abroad. To meet our customers’ expectations and protect our product quality, I favoured a team of entrepreneurs who understood the brand DNA and its potential for growth. I know they have the skills and network to help the business I inherited from my parents to expand faster.

Les 2 Marmottes is a 42-year-old French brand producing and selling a range of 28 tisanes and 8 teas strongly focused on quality, well-being and naturalness.



A historical tisane brand controlling the entire value chain, from supply to marketing, Les 2 Marmottes has been capable to develop strong plant expertise to offer superior quality products compared to the market (traceability and taste quality of 100% plant mixes without food flavouring).

The care lavished on packaging has allowed Les 2 Marmottes to differentiate itself using original and offbeat communication, completely redesigned in 2014, resulting in the business’s strong growth since then.


FrenchFood Capital has invested alongside the incoming manager to develop the brand, strengthen and develop distribution channels in France and abroad.

FrenchFood Capital operational value

FrenchFood Capital will assist Les 2 Marmottes’ team relying on its expertise in building brand value, its experience in developing products for mass distribution, cafés, hotels and restaurants, and its network to support the next stages of growth of this lovely French food SME.


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