2019 - Active

New distribution & e-commerce


2019 - Active

New distribution & e-commerce

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Company specialized in overweight nutrition care, K-Santé design, sell and deliver at home, balanced diet meals to suit tailor-made diet program including nutrition support.

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Vincent Guillet, Founder and CEO of K-Santé

Partnering with an entrepreneur fund with strong business expertise makes sense today as the company must overcome new challenges. We are pleased to benefit from FrenchFood Capital’s expertise to continue serving client needs at our best and further develop our brands’ success in France and Europe.

K-Santé is an online pure player founded in 2009 by Vincent Guillet and the three-star Michelin chef Mauro Colagreco, dedicated to nutrition care while emphasizing on pleasure for clients.

So that the diet is no longer a constraint or a deprivation in daily life, K-Santé, a 100% digital player, offers to his clients, home delivered, ready to eat meals conceived by nutrition experts and a renowned Chef. Relying on a personalized support managed by dieticians, this support to weight loss is structured on subscription-based programs going from 1 week to several months depending on client’s needs.



The offer is built around 3 brands with complementary positioning:

Kitchendiet, which offers fresh meals elaborated by the double star chef Mauro Colagreco with both weight control and detox objectives.

Dietbon, launched in 2014, offers weight loss programs structured around ambient meal programs, enabling affordable priced range and easier international expansion.

Goodsanté, which helps health professionals: surgeon, nutritionist, dieticians since 2016, in dealing with nutrition care of patient in post-bariatric surgery thanks to adapted meals enriched with protein, and adjusted texture and portions.


FrenchFood Capital invested alongside Vincent Guillet, Founder, CEO and majority shareholder to support K-Santé’s expansion as a European leader in online nutrition care programs.

 FrenchFood Capital operational value

FrenchFood Capital bring its expertise in building brands’ platform and in improving customer experience. FFC team will also support the management in its geographic and business line expansion, focusing on build-up operations.


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