2018 - Active

Restaurants & catering tradenames


2018 - Active

Restaurants & catering tradenames

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Logo Piadineria

La Piadineria

Italian "fast-casual" restaurant, specialised in piadina (Italian Flatbread).

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Donato Romano, CEO La Piadineria

We have successfully entered the French market over a year ago and the results are very satisfactory for us. We are therefore thrilled to join forces with FrenchFood Capital because we believe they are the perfect partners to help us accelerate our growth on the French market.

Piadina is an Italian speciality made up of home-made flatbread and fresh ingredients, to eat on the spot or to take away.



Leader on its market in Italy with over 200 shops, La Piadineria has grown rapidly in city centres, shopping centres and travel areas thanks to an easily adaptable format that requires no extraction systems.


Following investment by Permira (one of the most dynamic investment companies on the Mid-and Large Cap market in Europe) in La Piadineria, the Fund and La Piadineria management proposed FrenchFood Capital to team up and develop the French market together.

FrenchFood Capital will support the development of the brand in France alongside La Piadineria in a dedicated joint venture for the French market.

FrenchFood Capital operational value

With a team experienced in the catering sector, FrenchFood Capital contributes its knowledge of the French market to the Italian team (adjustment of the offer, search for development opportunities, setting up teams) to install and grow the brand in France.


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