Laurent Plantier

Managing Partner

Why French Food Capital?

FrenchFood Capital is a state of mind, in which we fully participate in the growth of businesses we invest in. Not only by providing the right financial structure but mainly by being at the manager’s side to provide support, listen, advise, provide solutions, and grow the business together.
There is a lot of talent in the French food sector, and we must help these talents to thrive: this is what we like to do every day at FrenchFood Capital.

Laurent Plantier Managing Partner

Career Path

As a co-founder of Alain Ducasse Entreprise, Laurent developed the group in France and internationally and diversified its activities in the hospitality sector (Châteaux and Hôtels Collection), publishing (Alain Ducasse Edition), and education (Alain Ducasse Education).


Under his leadership, the company grew from 0 to €85 million in revenue over 17 years.
Laurent is also a board member of the Paris Tourism Office.


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