Paul Moutinho

Managing Partner

Why French Food Capital?

After more than 15 years of investment at Naxicap Partners, I have acquired a deep conviction that a sector-focused fund like FrenchFood Capital offers a real advantage over generalist funds.

A comprehensive understanding of the stakeholders, individuals, as well as the economic fundamentals of the sector allows us to anticipate new trends, upcoming concepts, and consequently, better select the companies in which we want to invest and which will constitute our portfolio.

Paul Moutinho Managing Partner


As the leader of the investment fund Naxicap Partners for 15 years (a private equity fund invested in small and mid-cap companies), Paul completed and oversaw over 40 investments such as Paprec, Nuxe, Colisée, and Chateauform.



He also contributed to the growth of the investment company, with assets under management increasing from €200m to €2bn.


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