Anne-Sixtine Enjalbert

ESG and Impact Analyst

Why French Food Capital?

From the very interviews, I had a crush on FrenchFood Capital, whether it be its positioning, the entrepreneurial spirit that reigns there, the team, or the project. The agri-food sector, along with energy, is the cornerstone of the world of tomorrow. FrenchFood Capital’s mission is to accelerate the food transition, and FrenchFood Positive Impact, the new Article 9 fund, is proof of that. Joining FrenchFood Capital as an ESG & Impact Analyst means taking part in an ambitious adventure and actively committing to supporting champion companies in the sustainable agri-food sector.

Anne-Sixtine Enjalbert ESG and Impact Analyst

Career Path

Anne-Sixtine Enjalbert joined FrenchFood Capital in December 2023 as an ESG & Impact Analyst supporting Perrine Bismuth on these increasingly prevalent topics. She began her career as a buy-side analyst at an asset management company before joining the sustainable finance teams at EDF and then heading the Environment and Sustainable Finance departments at the Observatory of CSR.


Anne-Sixtine is a graduate of Grenoble Ecole de Management and holds a specialized master’s degree from Mines ParisTech.


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