In a consumption world in which brand’s confidence is an essential asset, we invest in businesses that create tomorrow’s leading brands.


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Our vision

We think

consumers are driving a global food value chain transformation.

We believe

brand value is a sustainable value source for businesses.

We invest into food sector SMEs and mid-caps companies throughout the following 8 investment themes below for a global approach to food sector and brand value.



consumption trends

Eat better

new habits

with agriculture




  • Gourmet Food

  • Client Intelligence

  • Transparency and traceability

  • Novel Food

  • Consumer Brands

  • New distribution and e-commerce

  • Restaurants and catering tradenames

  • Food Services

We support businesses that reinvent our food experience to meet customer’s new expectations and demand.


Laurent Plantier


One thing is certain, our diet, in the broad sense, is evolving at full speed. Consumer patterns are changing, the digital economy is becoming more and more important. Our priorities are changing, focusing on healthy eating, organic food, etc. Nowadays, everything is about the food experience. And businesses, whether old or new, need to keep up. Our desire is to contribute to their development

Perrine Bismuth


We live in a world of consumerism in which the trust relationship between consumers and major food brands is in a genuine crisis. Consumers are redefining their quality expectations and are shifting their trust elsewhere. This is a real growth opportunity for SMEs and mid-caps businesses who have created underlying brand value in line with customer’s new demands. We want to help them win market share in France and abroad

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