Our team is a unique combination of investor experience, functional expertise and the sector network.


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Our partnership with you

We think

investors must bring value to entrepreneurs as business partners.

We believe

in the combination of team spirit, experience and network to accelerate growth.

Our team has extensive Food and Growth investment experience.


years of cumulative experience


Growth Capital


Laurent Plantier


During my 17 years developing the Alain Ducasse Group, I realised that outside of France, French food SMEs were practically invisible, despite the fact that the “FrenchFood” brand is very attractive all over the world. It’s a genuine challenge to combine sales expertise and know-how of our French SMEs to help them grow beyond our borders. Providing this support is the purpose of specialist investment funds like ours

Paul Moutinho


After 15 years of investment experience with Naxicap Partners, I wanted to invest differently: fewer projects but projects where investors are more “hands on”. After all the years I have spent in this sector, I have come to believe that, as investors, we can create value by being close to managers through the human relationship in partnership, and the support we offer

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